Monday, October 27, 2008

The abuse of the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy smokes, am I guilty of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just decided that I am going to try really hard, not to use an "!" mark, unless it is totally warranted.

Another 1/2 marathon ~ in the bag!

This past weekend Doug and I did another half-marathon. Actually it was Doug's first (the last one he did was a full marathon). I'd have to say, this one was much easier than the first, despite the huge hills and elevation changes. I was hoping to shave quite a bit of time off my personal best, but those hills really cut into my time. I did get under 3 hours, which is what my goal was, so I am proud of myself for that. I am not nearly as sore as I was the first go-around. I did my training a little different for the 2nd and I think it really made a difference. On our way back to pick up our kids from Grandma's house, we stopped at the running store to get me a new pair of shoes. I was shocked to see how worn out this pair was, and I've only had them a few months. I got the exact same pair as before, and the new ones are so much more comfortable than the worn out pair. I'll start back into walking again tomorrow. See you all on the road.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another 12 bites the dust!

In preparation for my 2nd upcoming half-marathon, I did a 12 mile walk today. That is the longest I have ever walked in one stretch (that I actually know of - there's no way we went that far at girls camp, is there?) without actually doing the half-marathon. That brings us to "why" you might ask? I ask myself the same thing. After doing the first half-marathon, I was seriously wondering if I would do another because it was very difficult for me to do the first one. I decided that it was a really good way to keep me exercising (because I would prefer not to) so I kept up the training. It definately has been easier this time around. I now walk even faster than I did 2 months ago. I finished my first half marathon in 3 hrs and 1 minute. (Remember, I was just walking.) I should definately be able to shave off at least 5 minutes this go around. That marathon comes up this weekend, so it will be a relief to get another behind me.

I think I forgot to tell this part, which is why I started the post in the first place... it was a very hard walk. Not just because it was so long, but the weather sucked! Last week it was raining for my 11 mile walk, so I did it on the treadmill, (that sucked too...) and it took me almost 3 hours for the 11 miles. Today I was lucky that it didn't start raining until I hit my 3 mile mark, but the wind was blowing too. I knew that potentially it would start to rain, so I did the walking into the wind at the beginning, hoping to get it past me before the rain started. No such luck. At the half-way mark, Doug was going to bring me water and a granola bar, but by the time he got there, I was "running" behind because of the wind and rain. He picked me up and took me to the next spot in the road where it turns, and I would be walking with the wind for the rest of the way home, luckily it was under a mile that I "cheated" on. It was much easier walking with the wind and the rain didn't even bother me. I guess it's all perspective. At about mile 9 I was trying to figure out if I was going to go the full 12 miles (add more onto the end for my cheating bout) or just cut it at 11 and call it a day. I decided I'd made all that effort (taking the first step out the front door was the hardest - oh wait, until it started raining.) I may as well add 1 more mile on the end and actually do my 12. It wasn't too bad and I probably could have gone another 1.1 miles, but I'll save that for this weekend.

As we have been talking with Bryce and Ambri about our upcoming trip to Australia, Ambri asked if we could surf. I told her that we should learn to snorkle first (Doug and I have done it before) and she proceded to list off the things we will do while we are on vacation.

No ice in our drinks

I laughed really hard.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Forvigeness is a gift you give to yourself.

A great Celine Dion show!

Well, it was another fun show. Celine always does a great job.

Her opening act was Gordie Brown. He was really funny, but a little crude for kids or "tweens". I hope that Kaeli (my niece that I heard was going to the contert who is 11) didn't get any of his really funny jokes. We were with our friends, Matt and Beth Newell, and I told her that Brian Regan is an awesome comedian, and he is clean! Anyway, back to the concert, it was great! We loved this show as much as when we saw her in Las Vegas, considering what they can do on the road, versus a show that is at the same place night after night.

I'm off to work on more Christmas cards. I'd post a picture, but then I'd have to kill you all, so you'll just have to wait until you get your card in the mail!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Celine Dion

Well... today is the day. We've had our tickets for... well, I don't even know how long, but we got them the day they went on sale. We've seen Celine Dion in Las Vegas and it was a great show. We are going to this show with our friends, Matt and Beth Newell. It should be fun, they are great fun to hang out with. I'll up date later if anything exciting happens at the show!

Those are some shoes, eh?