Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2nd Annual Super-Duper-Cooper-Looper Half Marathon

Things have been so busy that I just haven't had time to do any blogging, sorry!

Our 2nd annual Super-Duper-Cooper-Looper half marathon was on June 19th this year. We started off with a shot-gun start from Doug:

Here are a few other pictures:

(starting line)

(Kari, Oakli, and Ambri)

Here are the results. This year we had 23 participants. Here are the finishing times, in no particular order:

Bryce Burton: 1:55:40 (bike)
Ambri Burton: 2:31:40 (bike)
Chase Burton: 2:16:50 (bike)
Oakli Burton: 2:41:00 (bike)
Kari Burton: 2:41:00 (bike)
Brent Baxter: 1:46:09 (bike)
Karen Baxter: 1:46:08 (bike)
Preston Baxter: 2:16:40 (bike)
Kaeli Baxter: 2:16:07 (bike)
Caiden Baxter: 2:16:10 (bike)
Kate Merrill: 1:48:50 (bike)
Kyle Merrill: 2:24:06 (running)
Goldie Burton: (walking)
Michele Burton: 3:31:20(walking)
Nathan Tolman: 2:03:30 (bike)
Nick Tolman: 1:55:40 (bike)
Debi Burton: 2:30:38 (running)
Taylor Burton: 2:05:07 (bike)
Jace Burton: 1:56:40 (bike)
Garrett Burton: 1:55:50 (bike)
Jessica: 2:05:07 (bike)
Kendyl: 1:56:40 (bike)
Hunter: 1:55:40 (bike)

So that's it. Any questions? We'll be doing it again next year if you would like to join in!