Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ambri and Oakli's Bedroom

I finished painting Ambri and Oakli's bedroom today. It took me a week to do, and I'm beat! I've wanted to paint it like this for a long time. I saw the idea and thought that if I waited long enough the idea would wear off, but it never did. The painting bug hit me a few weeks ago, and this is my 3rd room. The other 2 rooms I painted "normal" though. Bryce is lining up for his room next. The problem is, I'm worn out!

I like the walls so much, I don't know where to put the girls beds. Up until right be3fore I painted their room, we had them bunked. Mainly to keep Oakli up on her bed during naps (she was on the top bunk and she couldn't get off) now they are both on the floor. I really just want to put both beds outside with the "shracoons" (that's what my younger kids affectionately call raccoons) and have all the walls showing. Does anyone object?

Did I mention how much I now dislike pink? Let me start by saying, I've always liked pink and brown together, I think they look really classy together (don't knock the blog background). Sure pink is a great color for clothes, jewelry, flowers, cotton candy, subtle nail polish, shoes, hair ribbons, stickers, bathing suits, toothbrushes, stuff like that. But paint in large coverages... I think I'm going to have to re-evaluate my thinking on this one. I knew there was a reason that I never wanted to paint their room pink. The other two walls are plain pink, 2 different shades. One wall has the closet on it, the other wall has the window. Their room glows pink. It's like... radiation pink. Pepto pink. The brown wall and flower wall is awesome. It's just too bad that you don't see those walls first thing when you walk in. You have to turn around after you go in. You have to get radiation poisoning first, then feel like you are going to choke, then turn around and try to realize that there are two really cool walls in the room. The cool-ness factor has worn off, and by now the flower walls are only semi-cool, because you are suffocating in the radiation poisoning you have just committed yourself to. I wonder what would have happened if I would have painted the closet doors pink as well? (I did leave those white.)

It's all good, because I'm still super, euber proud of the (awful) (awsome) pink, and slightly brown room that I slaved over for over a week on. I am awesome!


Soccer Season...Again

Round 2, here we go again with soccer (round 2 means now it's spring soccer, we've already gone round 1 with fall soccer).

Today Bryce was playing goalie. He makes a mighty fine goalie when he decides he is willing to sacrifice his body for the ball. There are not many days that he is willing to do that, but on Saturday, he didn't let anything get past him. Plus, he has a very good leg on him. I think you get the idea here...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Food Storage Wrap-Up

I've had lots of sticks in the fire these last few weeks, so I'll wrap up the food storage issue and then hopefully in the next day or so get a few pictures posted of the project that I've been working on (It's still a secret - okay, I'm painting the girls bedroom. It's taking so long because I'm doing each wall different, and two of the walls have designs on them. Some secret, eh?).

Food Storage, focus.

I think I have devised a pretty good system that is working for us. It looks like this:

So after I got everything inventoried and figured out what I needed more of, I made this little chart and hung it on a clip board. Now only send out people for stuff that can write and each time they take something out of the storage room, they have to write it on the list. It is actually working really good. Now when I go shopping, I know exactly what to buy! I have a master list on the computer that I can compare it to if I need to, but this is working so well! We have actually gone through 3 of these already. They don't have to writ3e (note the previous post on my "3" relationship) down things that are canned b3ecause that will just get replaced in the summer - oh I can't wait for summer - when I do canning but anything that is purchased goes on the list. It was just nice to get everything inventoried, organized, and things purchased that I was running short on. Here are some other pictures of how it looks now...