Friday, March 20, 2009

Food Storage, Comments please

I'm taking on the unpleasant, and yet never ending task of the FOOD STORAGE ROOM! I'm wondering if any of you actually inventory your food storage, and keep a running inventory of it? I'm thinking this may be a good idea so I'm not guessing what I need to buy each time I go shopping. Does anyone have a good system that they are willing to share? How do you keep track of what you take out of your storage? Today I got everything inventoried and I know what I need to buy, I'm just debating on how to go about tracking everything. I really don't want to keep doing an inventory every couple of months, it was way too much work! Maybe I'll post some pictures when I get all the things purchased that I still need. Ideas please?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weight Loss, No More!

It is finally over, and yes, I have emerged the victor!

I do have to admit, it was not a surprise to me. Over-confident you say? I argue, nay. My reasoning is, 4 months of consistent HARD work. This family weight loss challenge started November 4th, and I was off and going with a bang, and I didn't stop (and still haven't). I don't really know how the others have done, because most of the rest are in Utah and I only have one brother here in Oregon. And I have only "spied" on him once. So how do you loose 37 pounds in 4 months you ask? Consistency I tell you! It can be done without any crazy fad diets or starvation tatics. Yes, I did have to cut back, but I didn't starve.

Exercise... well, you learn to live with it. Just short of taking my scale with me on vacation (now that would be crazy!) I still did exercise while I was on vacation, half way around the world. (We were supposed to weigh in 3x a week as part of the rules of the competition. We made a special arrangement while we were on vacation.) It gave a new perspective on my vacations though. I'm still glad I did, no matter where I was. It was nice to make the time for it.

On average, I walked at least 5 miles a day, and I still do 6 days a week. The thing that got me motiaved to start walking those distances is Doug and I started doing half-marathons. I don't run. Running is like a 4-letter word for me. I don't like it, and I don't think I ever will. Now walking a half-marathon, that is something I can do, and I have actually gotten faster at. While we were in Hawaii in January, we did one. I've done 3 now and they are gettine easier all the time. The more weight I have lost, the easier they get (go figure! - no pun intended there...) So now that I am in shape for them, we intend to do more, and I don't have to keep the training up for them, it just comes naturally. I can decide that next week, "hey, I feel like doing that half-marathon". No problem! It is a great feeling! I just keep my iPod loaded with music that keeps me moving to a pretty fast tempo and I am good to go. During the winter months, I get a lot of shows caught up on while I am on the dread-mill. So as you can see, it isn't something that I really enjoy, but it is nice to get on with my day once the exercise is done. Now the challenge begins to maintain the new body that I have worked so hard for, so I will probably maintain the lifestyle that I have grown accustomed to for the last 4 months, with only a few changes. I don't know yet what those changes will be, but they will be few and far between. Another change that I have noticed is that I can confidently say that I have overcome the addiction to food. Sure I still want certain things once in a while, but food is just the stuff that fuels my body now. I don't crave stuff all the time. When I am bored I look for something to do, rather than for something to eat. Now, if I can just keep that up, then I will be good for a good long time.

For those of you who are dying to know, I am now a size 4.

One side note: I am working with a neurologist to get my migrane headaches sorted out. I am on a new medication now to prevent the migranes in the first place. This has been really good for me because it has forced me to drastically reduce my sugar intake, which has probably been a major factor in my migrane triggars. I had some of those yummy girl scout cookies (which really weren't that good), and yep, I got a migrane right away. I got a little carried away and had too many cookies, it wasn't just a cookie or two.

~ Kari

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm waiting

I'm really waiting to post until Thursday, when our family weight-loss competition is over and I can give you all the results. By then I'll be out of this major stress mode.

~ Kari