Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"What I Wouldn't Trade For A Pot Of Gold" by Ambri Burton

This was a school project that Ambri did. It hung in the hall at school. Each class member did one. I'm sure Ambri's was the most serious of them all. Her teacher was very impressed, and I am too. I had no idea that she was writing this until she came home with her rough draft already corrected. I asked her teacher about it at conferences, and she said that the other kids wrote about candy, stuffed animals, other toys and other frivolous things. Ambri, I think you are definitely ready to be baptized. Way to go, I'm so proud of you!

Ambri's 8!

Happy Birthday Babe, I Love You!

Ambri finally made it. She had a great day, even though she didn't have a "party" with friends. We took her out to dinner with Uncle Tom and Aunt Maria. We went mini-golfing and she loved it! She's turned into a little (sweet) diva and proudly admits it. Many of her gifts were geared toward her baptism but Uncle Tom and Aunt Maria gave her a gift card for Claires and she asks almost every day if we can go to the mall so we can get more earrings. I think that she forgets that I can make hear earrings almost instantly, but that just wouldn't be as cool as actually going to the mall and buying them. I can't make some of the other things that you can buy at the store. What can I say, she's obsessed with earrings. Maybe while the boys are on their camp out this weekend. Here's one of the pictures from her photo shoot with her new clothes: Had to make sure we got the "wings" on the back... wouldn't want to miss those!

Now that Ambri has turned 8, she is very excited to be baptized. Each time she says a prayer she prays for when she can be baptized (even though she already did that, she especially does now). She is planning on being baptized the first Saturday in June. She can't wait!