Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A post a day... for a whole month???

My sister has done this thing where she has done a post a day, for a whole month! I have to admit, I love reading her posts each day. Some days they are long and thought out, some days they are just quick right before she hits the sack. I have to admit, I have thought about what a good idea it is, and how much I would like to do it. Well, "like" is the operative word. I think it is a great idea, anyway. Well, she is doing it again, and I mentioned that if she ever did it again, I may try it. She started it yesterday (I know, not at the beginning of the month) so I am thinking that I may gear up for the month of July. Summers are so busy, so I don't know how long I'll last, but I think I'm going to go for it.

On another totally strange, but "pee your pants" it's so funny note... here is a link to a post my cousin did on her blog. I think of it often and how funny she is. She doesn't post often, (meaning a post a day) but when she does, her posts are very funny. This post will only be REALLY funny if you've actually borne children, but happy reading to those of you who haven't, anyway. Here's the link: Someone who knows my pain.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ambri's Baptism


Mom and Dad are so proud of you! You have made the decision to be baptized. You have looked forward to this day for so long and you finally did it! You looked so beautiful in your new dress. So many family members and friends came to support you. We all love you so much!

Super-Duper-Cooper-Looper Half Marathon

Doug was very kind to set up a half-marathon for us this past weekend. We invited many to join with us, and we had a great turn out! Here was part of his announcement:

We are making final preparations for the first, possibly annual, Super-Duper-Cooper-Looper-Half Marathon on June 6, 2009 at 7:00am. Yes, 13.1 miles of pure fun and joy (well, it can be). The course is set to run on flat, paved roads going through beautiful, Willamette Valley farmland in the Dever-Conner area of Northeast Albany. The race will start and end at the Burton’s home. Anyone of any age, that thinks that they could finish the course is invited to participate. Running, jogging, walking, biking, blading, crawling (bring knee pads if you are going to do that), are all permitted this year. If for some reason someone is not able to finish the course we will arrange for a ride to the finish line. Aid stations will be at miles 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11 with bananas and orange slices at the mile 6 station and bathrooms at miles 2, 4(?), 9, and 11. At the end of the race, at the finish line we will also have some drinks with some light foods and snacks.

Here are the results of the marathon. If you don't find yourself right away, check for another category. The results have been broken down based on the method of completion. (I've left off your last name for privacy. If you want me to put your last name up on the site, just email me.)

1. Matthew K. (#128) 1:27:00
2. Kyle M. (#117) 1:49:00
2. Bill H. (#129) 1:49:00
3. Larry S. (#127) 2:00:00
4. Maria B. (#123) 2:31:00
1. Kari B. (#114) 2:45:00
Adult Bike:
1. James C. (#135) 49:00
2. Brent B. (#131) 50:00
3. Preston B. (#124) 59:15
4. Jaclyn B. (#116) 1:25:00
5. Bart B. (#115) 1:25:00
6. Afton B. (#119) 1:35:00
7. Steve B. (#118) 1:35:00
8. Paul T. (#134) 1:39:00
9. Charisse B. (#130) 1:59:00 (ran 4 miles, then biked)
10. Tom B. (#122) 2:31:00
Youth Bike:
1. Jordan M. (#105) 59:35
2. Sarah M. (#104) 1:00:41
3. Sarah C. (#106) 1:00:42
4. Bryce B. (#101) 1:08:00
5. Ceana B. (#109) 1:08:00
6. Matthew H. (#112) 1:15:40
7. Chase B. (#113) 1:25:00 (rode with #116)
8. Oakli B. (#103) 1:25:00 (rode with #115)
9. Brady T. (#132) 1:30:00
10. Kerry T. (#133) 1:39:00
11. Kaeli B. (#110) 1:40:00
12. Caiden B. (#111) 1:40:30
1. Tyler B. (#121) Roller Blade
2. Jace B. (#107) (rode with #121)
3. Traeden B. (#108) (rode with #121)
4. Porta Potty (#136) 2:27:00 (Tractor)

Marathon #2 for Doug (yes, all 26.2 miles of it!)

2 weeks ago Doug finished his 2nd marathon. He did so goood this time! He cut 1 hr and 45 minutes off his time from last year. This was his 2nd year running the Newport marathon.

This year my brother (Bart) and sister-in-law (Heidi) came to Oregon and ran the marathon with Doug. They all finished and I'm so proud of all of them!